Apple adds personalized music playlists section to Apple Music subscribers on iOS 10 & macOS Sierra

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Apple has started rolling out the personalized music playlists section to the Apple Music subscribers, who are beta testing the iOS 10 and the macOS Sierra. The roll out starts just ahead of Apple’s September 7 event. Apple Music’s new personalized playlists will appear within Apple Music for the subscribers. This new feature was introduced at this year’s WWDC in June.

Apple’s personalized music playlists feature – originally dubbed as “Dsicovery Mix” when it was introduces at WWDC, is a direct competition to Spotify’s “Discover Weekly”. Apple has decided to rebranding the name as “My New Music Mix” to avoid any near to similar name controversy as its name was too similar to Spotify’s mix.

Apple Music subscribers on iOS 10 and macOS will now see “My New Music Mix” personalized music playlists in the “For You” section of the Apple Music, which is updated every Friday with new tunes. This playlist offers a mix of tracks based on your listening habits. The idea here is to update users to more of the sort of songs and artists based on their interests.

Alongside “My New Music Mix”, iOS 10 and macOS also showing “My Favorite Mix” playlist section in the “For You” of the Apple Music, which updates every Wednesday. This section will showcase the songs you love and will add more songs that match those you already like.

These two new playlists – “My New Music Mix” and “My Favorite Mix” – are now showing to the Apple Music subscribers on iOS 10 beta, as well as in iTunes 12.5 on macOS Sierra. Users on Apple Music can subscribe to either playlists and configure them to automatically download the new tracks as they arrive.

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