Google Hangouts extension for Chrome updated to Hangouts Chrome app for desktop

Google has updated it’s Hangouts extension for Chrome on desktop to offer completely new experience to hangouts users. One can say that Google introduced the Hangouts Chrome app for Windows and Chrome OS. This brings a completely redesigned user interface which is almost similar to the Hangouts mobile app. If you are a Hangouts user, then this is the time to get the Hangouts app on your desktop.


In short, Google Hangouts is now a Chrome app for Windows and Chrome OS computers. The all new Hangouts Chrome app uses a separate window with split-column layout to keep chats and contacts together and works outside the browser. User will also get integrated notifications that alert you to new messages and will get all their messages as long as they have the app running. The Hangouts Chrome app keeps all the active chats on the desktop for easy access. It also has the support for all the video and voice features in Hangouts, right on your desktop.



Earlier to this update, the Hangouts extension needed a open browser to start the conversation and looked like the pop-up windows in Gmail. Now with the updated Hangouts extension, you don’t need to open the browser and it runs even when the browser is closed. The new extension runs in it’s own whole new separate window.

Google says, if you’re already using the Hangouts Chrome extension on your ChromeOS or Windows computer, you’ll also see a promo to try the new app.

Download the Hangouts Chrome app



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