Google says ‘Verify Apps’ can block apps using QuadRooter vulnerabilities

As we have already talked about the QuadRooter vulnerabilities which has already affected over 900 million Android devices. Its very easy for attackers to gain root access of your android devices by installing malicious app and steal your sensitive data. QuadRooter is a collection of four vulnerabilities in Qualcomm-based Android devices. Attackers can gain full access of your device which includes hardware, softwares, Microphone and

You can scan your devices by using ‘QuadRooter Scanner’ which provides detailed information about these vulnerabilities (if vulnerabilities are currently affecting your device). But Google also confirms that ‘Verify Apps’ will block all ‘Quadrooter’ exploits and remove those applications which can harm your device.

Google says-

“We appreciate Check Point’s research as it helps improve the safety of the broader mobile ecosystem. Android devices with our most recent security patch level are already protected against three of these four vulnerabilities. The fourth vulnerability, CVE-2016-5340, will be addressed in an upcoming Android security bulletin, though Android partners can take action sooner by referencing the public patch Qualcomm has provided. Exploitation of these issues depends on users also downloading and installing a malicious application. Our Verify Apps and SafetyNet protections help identify, block, and remove applications that exploit vulnerabilities like these.

How it works?

Google’s Verify App works in two ways-

  • If you are downloading an application form any unknown source, Google will warn you that It could be dangerous for your device and also recommends that you should not install this app. If you are ready to accept the risk, you can ignore this warning message.
  • If application is too dangerous for your device, Google can automatically block that application form being installed to your device.

Note: There are few apps available which slip this Google’s validation using some cracks.But ‘Verify Apps’ scans your device time to time and warn about the application which contains malware. If you keep ignoring that warning message, Google will automatically remove that app from your gadget.


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