Nokia 3310 Supremo Putin is a Luxury limited edition of 3310 featuring gold plated portrait of Vladimir Putin

The iconic Nokia 3310 has been reintroduced At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This also brings back the  completely revamped version of the popular Snake game with modern, slightly updated and colored-in for 2017. Now just few days after it’s announcement, a luxury version of the Nokia 3310 is already available. This limited-edition of Nokia 3310 is named Supremo Putin, inspired by the “most popular person” in Russia – President Vladimir Putin. The Vladimir-Putin-Themed phone is introduced by Caviar, a company who makes luxury models of some popular phones. The company also sells Putin-themed iPhones.

The Nokia 3310 Supremo Putin phone is design with gold, giving it a luxury, style and character of the Russian. It features a gold-plated portrait of Vladimir Putin on the back as well as a gold seal with a quote from Russia’s national anthem. Also the central control button on front is gold-plated decorated with a miniature image of the coat of arms of the Russian Federation. The Nokia 3310 Supremo Putin ships in a beautiful wooden case, which is lined with black velvet.

Price and Availability

No doubt the device is quite expensive with all those gold-plate portrait and decorations. The Nokia 3310 Supremo Putin 99,000 Russian Rubles, which is around $1,690 or 1,600 Euro or INR 11,3445. A price that costs more than 30 standard Nokia 3310 devices at price of Euro 49. If you want to get one of this this luxury limited-edition of Nokia 3310 Supremo Putin in Russia, you can do it by heading to the source link below.

Coming to the basic features of the phone, the Nokia 3310 has a 2.4-inch curved and polarized QVGA color display. It comes with 16MB of internal storage and supports microSD card slot, capable of memory expansion up to 32GB of storage. It also features a 2MP camera on the back, with a single LED flash. Nokia 3310 runs on the Nokia Series 30+ OS. The new Nokia 3310 comes bundled with Opera Mini for basic web browsing and it supports only 2G connectivity. To know more about the phone read here.

The Nokia 3310 Putin phone is most likely appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin supporters, and so there’s someone in the US who just might be interested in getting the device too, but a different version featuring the President Donald Trump. And so the Indian fans around here would love to get the luxury edition of Nokia 3310 portraying Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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