Trick to grab MP3 (music)/MP4 (video) from YouTube

For downloading MP3 music or MP4 video format of YouTube songs, we have to use many different type of softwares and most of the time these softwares get installed with annoying plugins and ads. So here is the simple solution to grab MP3 music and MP4 video format of YouTube videos.

So lets play a video on YouTube-

Click here to Play below song on YouTube



URL of above video is:




You have to delete only three letters “ube” from above URL in ‘youtube’ keyword. So the URL will look like as below-




Press ‘Enter’, you will be redirected to below page.


Click on ‘Record MP3’ button as highlighted above. You download will get started in few seconds.

Similarly for MP4 videos – click on MP4 (video) tab –> Click to Record MP4 button.


You download will get started in few seconds.

So all good… Enjoy!!

More details about YouT:

What is Yout?

Yout is the brainchild of @nadermx. What did he contribute? A good name to a problem we all have. With a sleek layout, that was designed by Lou.

How do I use Yout?

Simple, just search for something in the search bar, click your video, and then record it as a Mp3 (Music), you can toggle to Mp4(Video) if you want that instead.

You may also delete the “ube” out of the YouTube URL’s to record it.

Or, if you want to be old school, paste a link in the search bar.

Is this legal?

In short, yes.

Every country has their own laws, but we are a DVR, that just so happens to take place on the internet. Based on the “Betamax” supreme court ruling on case “Sony Corp. of America v. Universal City Studios, Inc.” in the United States, it is.

We just launched, so bear with me as we fix the bugs and add in new features. If you want to see the progress of things, check out our changelog.

Source: Yout


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