Do you know about Li-Fi?…Wi-Fi might be a thing of the past.

Li-Fi stands for Light Fidelity. It is a Visible Light Communications (VLC) system. The term Li-Fi was coined by University of Edinburgh Professor Harald Haas during a TED Talk in 2011. Haas envisioned light bulbs that could act as wireless routers. Subsequently, in 2012 after four years of research, Haas set up company pureLiFi with the aim ‘to be the world leader in Visible Light Communications technology’.


According to a report-

Li-Fi claims to be 100 times faster than standard Wi-Fi. 

Li-Fi is being tested in Dubai by two UAE-based telecommunication providers named as du and Zero1.

Du claims-

“To have successfully provided internet, audio and video streaming over a Li-Fi connection.”

Both companies are working on it, performing different test cases and moving towards the positive outcomes.

How it works?

Li-Fi uses common LED light-bulbs and can transfer the data with the speed of 224 gigabits per second. Both Wi-Fi and Li-Fi  transmit data electromagnetically but  Wi-Fi runs on radio waves while Li-Fi uses visible light. Due to this, Li-Fi accommodates a photo-detector to receive light signals and a signal processing element to convert the data into ‘stream-able’ content.

Since those signals can be converted  into binary data using signal processing technology and can be used further as stream-able content like web, video and audio applications.

So get ready for boom, Li-Fi will be launched soon in different countries. We will keep you updated for launch dates.



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