3 New Updates Announced by YouTube


YouTube has released three new improvements and updates with the idea of giving video creators a better knowledge of their audience and improving the user experience. Here are three updates:

1. Live stream reaction analytics

YouTube is allowing creators to track viewer reactions in real-time with this new update. This information shows the quantity and variety of responses, such as party poppers and love hearts, that were sent in.

In order to access this feature, all you need to do is visit your content and select the overview tab. Remember only Studio mobile and browser are currently able to utilize this feature.

2. Impression Breakdown for New and returning viewer

A new feature on YouTube lets you view the quantity of impressions segmented by new and returning users. With the help of this tool, users will be able to gain a better insight into their audience and accordingly modify their content strategy to improve more views from both new and returning users.

Go to the advanced mode section in YouTube Studio Analytics to access this feature.

3. Live Streaming in HDR

You get better-looking, vibrant colors, sharper whites, and deeper blacks with HDR. Because fine-grained color gradations in HDR are maintained rather than being smeared out, you can also catch a lot more detail in your stream, giving your viewers hyper-realistic and highly detailed content.

You may now stream in HDR to YouTube using RTMP thanks to the most recent OBS 30.1 release. This enables you to continue using your current RTMP operations while giving your audience the best possible YouTube experience.

If the game you’re playing supports it, you can also play in HDR while live streaming. Make sure your camera, if any, and your monitor both support HDR for PQ or HLG in order to accomplish this.

Note: Although streaming HDR using ab1 is not yet supported, you can stream in HDR using the HEVC codec.

Try the New Features and Share Your Experience Below.


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