Apple’s invisible @apple tweet promoting September 7 event

Apple is promoting it’s September 7 event in a very strange way on twitter. The big company has just started using their official @apple handle on twitter for sending out a tweet that promotes the Apple event next week, where the iPhone 7 will be introduced. But that looks all strange and magical invisible @apple tweet. Here is what they are promoting on Twitter:

You may ask, why this is strange? Because when you go to @apple account on twitter, the tweet doesn’t appear on the account’s timeline:


‘Promoted tweets’ is the answer, that means Apple may have buy a tweet on Twitter without somehow attaching it to its main timeline. Promoted tweets are Twitter Ads outside of Twitter. If you want to know more about this Promoted tweets stuff, Andy Baio has explained this thing in a very detailed way.

In addition to all this, Apple is also auto responding to every individual for a reminder on the event day if one retweets the promotional tweet:

This is a very interesting way to promote and connect with every individual. Apple’ve had their twitter handle @apple since 2011, and they just started using it in a very strange way to promote their upcoming event on September 7 where they’ll introduce new iPhones including some other announcements.



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