Apple iOS 10 Beta 2 available to general users but locks out users of their Apple IDs

Hope Apple users are aware about it that Apple recently made its iOS 10 beta 2 available to general users but we want to keep you informed that some users have complained that they have been locked out of their Apple ID accounts. It seems a small glitch but possible to size of the problem is huge as it rewards those willing to take a risk on the iOS 10 beta 2 by locking them out of their Apple devices.

iOS 10 beta 2 enabled with two-factor authentication on their Apple IDs are reporting that they’re being signed out of their devices. After being locked out of their IDs, users are able to access the option to unlock their accounts but are not able to go through the process as they are shown “a server error.”


The users  who approached @AppleSupport but Apple is not resetting their passwords as they are using the two-step verification security. Many Apple users are recommending the iOS beta 2 users to switch off the two-factor authentication till the issue has been resolved.


The issue may not be entirely the iOS 10 beta 2, however, as some Apple users on iOS 9.3.2 and the iOS 9.3.3 beta are also reporting the same problem.

The full version of iOS 10 is expected to be rolled out to the masses this fall, but until then, Apple definitely has some serious bugs to work out.

You can also go through the new features of iOS 10 at below link-



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