Apple launches a dedicated iMessage App store for iOS 10 with iMessage apps, sticker packs and games

Just ahead of the iOS 10 release today, Apple has launched a totally dedicated iMessage App Store. The iMessage App Store will be available to the iOS 10 users which is scheduled to go live in few hours. As of the now this dedicated app store for iMessage is available to iOS 10 beta users. The iMessage App Store will let users download sticker packs, full-fledged iMessage apps  and games.


This dedicated app store for iMessage features sticker packs from companies like Disney, Bandai Namco, Sanrio, and others. The new Disney sticker packs include stickers from Frozen, Mickey & Friends, Finding Dory, Beauty and the Beast, Star Wars, The Lion King, Inside Our and the Stitch. Nintendo has also launched the Super Mario Run Sticker packs for the iMessage at the iPhone 7 launch event. Each sticker pack is available for $1.99.

The iMessage App Store features the apps like OpenTable, Square Cash, Jib Jab and many more. It is worth mentioning that some of the apps are standalone iMessage apps, while others are extensions of already existing apps in the main App Store. Similarly, there are standalone stickers for the iMessage only along with some stickers that are extensions of apps. You’ll find an “Only for iMessage” note above the details tab on the description page if the apps or the stickers packs are solely available for the iMesssage.

This dedicated iMessage App store will be available to your iOS devices running iOS 10. Go and upgrade your iOS devices to iOS 10 when it will be made available later today and enjoy all new dedicated apps and sticker packs for the iMessaege.




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