BOLD, ITALICS and STRIKETHROUGH your WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp always makes happy its users by launching new features. In the latest version of this mobile application, it has introduced new feature to BOLD, ITALICS and STRIKETHROUGH text messages.

BOLD is to bring more attention to what you’re saying, or be a bit more subtle and italics certain parts of your message.

Italics are a way to emphasize key points in a printed text, or when quoting a speaker a way to show which words they stressed.

Strikethrough when you do want to make sure that people see it (compare tags, which people might not see), but you want them to realize that you’re slightly embarrassed or not fully comfortable saying it.


How to use it?

To bold, add an * before and after the text, so it should look like

For italics, add _ before and after the text, giving you _www.9to5net.com_

And finally to strikethrough your text, add ~ before and after the word, so you’ll get




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