Caviar launches Pokemon GO Edition of iPhone 6S with a dedicated paid account and a maximum amount of Pokecoins

Caviar has launched it’s Pokemon GO edition of iPhone 6S smartphone for the Pokemon Go die-hard fans around the world. The back design of the phone is beautiful enough to make it everyone’s wish (just not a Pokemon fan). This limited Pokemon GO edition of iPhone 6S costs $2700.

The most notable feature of this phone is it’s exclusive new back design. The back design includes expressive titanium panels coated with an engraving based on the game such as images, inspired by the characters and commands Pokemon Go fancy ornaments fire. The back cover also features a gold-plated Pokeball logo.


Another unique feature of the phone in addition to the luxurious and expensive back is that it comes with a dedicated paid account to play Pokemon Go packs with a maximum amount of Pokecoins, with the device provided login and account password. That is another a big deal for any die-hard fan as it costs 14,500 Pokecoins worth $99.99.

Availability and Pricing

The Caviar’s limited Pokemon GO edition iPhone 6S costs $2700 and only 77 will be made available. The phone will go on sale with the Russian premiere of the game. The device availability date is yet to be announced by Caviar.

If you are such a fan and want to get this iPhone 6S then you can check the source link below for more information.

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