Facebook launches Messenger Lite for Android

Facebook has released a “Lite” version of its Messenger app for the Android users. The Messenger Lite app is lightweight, and basic version of Messenger, designed for older phones with less memory and processing power. It aims to provide smooth experience of messaging experience to the people who still own older Android devices that have less available “disk” space, memory, and lower performing CPUs, and that often run on lower bandwidth connections.


The Messenger Lite is primarily aimed at developing countries and is initially available in Kenya, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, and Venezuela. But the Messenger Lite app will hit the other regions later on as well.

Much like the Facebook Lite app, the Messenger Lite works better with unstable connections and requires less bandwidth to work. It is designed to be work reliably with older Android devices, and to use less data. It is more likely to sacrifice the features like Stories and Chatbots, but will send and receive texts, photos, stickers and links to anyone using Messenger or Messenger Lite. To download the Messenger Lite app head to the Google Play Store.

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