Fingerprint Gesture app brings some Pixel phone functions to other Android devices

Google Pixel phones come with a unique fingerprint gestures feature which has the ability to swipe on the fingerprint sensor to toggle and control the notification panel. This Pixel feature was being missed by many Android owners badly. So here’s a new app – Fingerprint Gesture – by SuperThomasLab that brings these gestures to any Android phones and aims to replicate Pixel’s Fingerprint Gesture control.


With the Fingerprint Gesture app, other Android phone users having a fingerprint sensor can configure single tap, double tap, or swipe on their device’s fingerprint reader to perform a variety of functions such as controlling the ringer mode, play/pause music, or view your recent apps. Here’s is the complete list of actions which can be added to the Fingerprint Gesture control:

Available Actions

• Icon touch panel
• Back
• Home
• Recent apps
• Sleep (Root)
• Power button menu
• Scroll down (Root)
• Scroll up (Root)
• Open notifications panel
• Toggle notifications panel
• Open quick settings
• Play/pause song
• Next song
• Previous song
• App
• Torch
• Toggle ringer mode
• Toggle split screen

To check your notifications, swipe down on the fingerprint sensor on your phone. Touch your fingerprint sensor and scroll through an app of your choice.

• Android device running Marshmallow or higher with a fingerprint sensor.
• A fingerprint sensor is supported if the device manufacturer implemented Google’s fingerprint API.
• Only some functionality requires root. Root is needed to control extra functionality.

If you have root access, you can perform additional actions like scrolling and activating sleep mode. And also, if you are running Android Nougat on your device, you can toggle split screen mode with any of the gestures without root access.

Download Fingerprint Gesture app



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