First music bot inside the Facebook messenger by

It’s most important for any application or service based company to enhance customer experience periodically. Following the same, a music streaming service, has introduced “Gaana Facebook Messenger bot” to enhance customer experience for its users. This is a first music bot inside the Facebook Messenger which is well integrated with it.

How to start Gaana bot in Facebook messenger?

  • If you want to start the Gaana bot in Facebook messenger, you need to type ‘’ in any conversations .
  • A new window will appear, tap on “Get Started”.


  • Now it will ask for confirmation about the fresh hits.


  • Start asking for music you want to listen that can be played on Gaana

Gaana Facebook Messenger bot features

  • Updates: Receive updates about the fresh content on
  • Search: Search anything on
  • Share: Share your favorite content with your Facebook friends
  • Feedback: Send their feedback to Gaana
  • Go to the app/website directly from Facebook Messenger

Prashan Agarwal, COO Gaana, said about latest Facebook Messenger bot-

Gaana has always been proactive on customer connect initiatives and the Facebook bot messenger in a brilliant initiative on this front. A lot of our customers are very active on our Facebook page and we wanted to give them more interaction to get real-time information from Gaana right from their Facebook page. We expect this to be a great tool to drive consumer engagement.

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