Google’s smart messaging app ‘Allo’ launched on Android and iOS – Download Here

Google has officially launched it’s instant messaging app – Allo – after announcing the product at Google I/O four months ago. Just like the Duo, Google Allo also uses your phone number to find your friends that are using the same app. Google’s smart IM app has started rolling out and is available to download on Android and iOS and will be available worldwide in few days. Google Allo comes with many features like smart reply, built-in Google Assistant when you need, chat in incognito mode and many more to make your conversation more interesting and productive.


With smart reply feature, Allo is capable of learning how you answer to messages and scans the current chat and generates several pre-typed responses using your previous conversations. Smart Reply learns over time and suggests responses to text, photos and emoji, in your style. Based on that, it can predict what kind of answers you might reply to a friend’s messages with. for example, it can detects a “yes” or “no” question, and you’ll get “yes” or “no” buttons to reply with above the keyboard.



Google Allo supports Google Assistant feature within your chats and conversations that lets your perform Google queries and see results right without leaving the conversation. It can suggest restaurants nearby or movies to check out or showing a plane flight right in your conversation. Just type @google, and your Assistant is ready to help in your chat. You can also chat one-one-one with your Assistant in Allo.

Google Allo can be yours’ all-in-one chatting platform and personal assistant, all within the app. You just require your phone number to sign-in, and doesn’t use your Google account to know who your are. You can also message friends who aren’t yet using Google Allo through SMS. Google Allo is now rolling to Android and iOS devices worldwide, if you won’t find the download or install button – just wait for a few days to reach you. You can Download the App from the links below:

Download Google Allo on Android

Download Google Allo on iOS

You can learn more about Google Allo here.


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