Google Maps Simplifies EV Charging Station Locating and Road Navigation

google maps

At least for Android users, Google Maps is gaining some helpful new features that simplify the process of locating EV charging stations and displaying the whole length of a road.

Google Maps has been improving its support for electric vehicles over the last few years, including additional details about charging stations among other things. Google only revealed summaries powered by AI last month to assist consumers in finding charging stations. Additionally, the business recently improved route planning with charging stops and included new in-car features for discovering local charging stations.

A new update is currently rolling out for the Google Maps app on your phone.

The most recent iterations of Google Maps for Android allow the app to provide a simple and quick filter for “Charging stations” instead of the prior filter for “Gas” stations. The people at SmartDroid brought attention to the modification, which appears to have been implemented recently.

You must go into the Maps settings and select “Your vehicle” as an electric vehicle in order to notice this change. Usually, the default setting is gas. 

This was a previous modification made by Google to Android Auto last year.

In addition, the Google Maps mobile app now highlights entire streets when you search for them, which is another recent update. Maps now indicate the length of the street in blue instead of just showing the street with a pin as it did in the past. This feature was already available on the online app and through Search, but it is now available on mobile devices thanks to recent improvements.


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