Google Photos Unveils Dynamic Material You Carousel for Enhanced User Experience

google photos

Last May, Google announced the launch of a new animated Material 3 carousel that was soon to be used for Google Photos

Well! Here is the great announcement again – Android devices now are using the animated Material You carousel for Google Photos to keep better track of memories.

The old version ensured that all images remained visible while scrolling horizontally, however, the new one differs. The new design ensures that the center of the image is in focus and more visible on scrolling horizontally. Also, there is contraction and expansion in the left and right edges as the images appear or disappear from the screen.

Another change that you can see is the card shape is static and just moves off-screen. Also, they are more rounded in comparison to the older version.

google photos carousel android
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A different option that “doesn’t alter the aspect ratio of the carousel items” was chosen by Google Photos. The rationale for this choice is that changing an item’s size could take away from its significance; for instance, a carousel of album covers could benefit from maintaining a recognizable 1:1 aspect ratio.


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