[How To] Block People on Facebook

Are you irritated by someone on Facebook? Don’t worry, Facebook gives an option to block someone, you can quickly block a user if they have been annoying or harassing you. Instead blocking someone once for all, you can also block certain people from inviting you to events and by adding them to a restricted list that will only show them posts you make public.  Read on for the complete guide on blocking people on Facebook.


Here is the Step-by-Step process on “how to Block People On Facebook”-

Step 1- Click on the Privacy Shortcuts menu, located next to the notification icon at the top right-hand corner of the screen. This menu gives you the quick access to your privacy shortcuts.


Step 2- You will find many privacy options here such as who can see your posts and who can comment on them. At the bottom Click on the option “How do i stop someone from bothering me?” to block someone.


Step 3- you can quickly block a user by typing his/her name or email address here to prevent them from starting conversations with you or seeing things you post on your timeline. Don’t worry! Facebook won’t notify users if they have been blocked.


The person will simply be unable to view your profile, message you, or see comments you leave on other profiles. They will also be unfriended if you were previously friends with them. You can find more options by clicking on ‘see more settings’ in “Privacy Settings and Tools” page.

If blocking someone on your friend list is a big deal, you can also block certain people by adding them into the restricted list to stop receiving app or events invitations from them.


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