[How to] Make your own quiz on Facebook

Hope you like quizzes on Facebook, but did you ever think about it -” How to create own Facebook Quiz?”.  Nowadays many applications will help you to create Facebook quizzes. We have filtered an App among many application which helps in creating Facebook quizzes. We have nominated this just because of simple steps and it doesn’t post any unwanted updates to your feed.

To create a Facebook Quiz, just follow the below steps-

  • Access Quizzes for Facebook app.
  • Click on ‘Get Started’.facebook-quiz-app-1-9to5net
  • Now choose what type of Quiz you would like to create. You have to choose on option (out of two- Knowledge Quiz & Personality Quiz). Let’s select’ Knowledge Quiz’ and click on ‘Get Started’.facebook-quiz-app-2-9to5net
  • In next step, you need to enter the Quiz Title, Quiz Language, Introduction, Thank-you text, Closed quiz text and Footer text.facebook-quiz-app-3_1-9to5net
  • Click on ‘Advanced Options’ 
  • A new window will appear where you can choose whether you want to collect your quiz user’s information, how long you want people to be able to access your quiz, and you can also choose an option whether you want the user’s result emailed to you.facebook-quiz-app-4-9to5net
  •  Now click on ‘Close’.
  • Click on ‘Next- Questions’.
  • A pop-up box will appear to log in using your Facebook profile. Click on ‘Continue as ……..’. (You don’t need to worry, the app won’t post anything to your feed.)facebook-quiz-app-5-9to5net
  • Now click to ‘Add Question’ button.
  • A pop-up window will appear, where you can type your question and answer options into the provided text boxes.
  • You can also add a picture for each option. For this, you just need to click on Photo button next to each text box.
  • Select the right answer for the drop-down ( it will show all the options whatever you have mentioned in above & you need to select one of them).facebook-quiz-app-7_1-9to5net
  • Click on ‘Save’.
  • Now you can continue adding questions. When you are done, just click on ‘Preview’ button to see how your quiz will look.facebook-quiz-app-8_1-9to5net
  • You can also make some changes in layout. To change the layout, you just need to click on ‘Layout’ button and a pop-up will appear to select options.facebook-quiz-app-9_1-9to5net
  • Click ‘Next-Share’.
  • Now you need to click on Post on Timeline or Invite Friends to share your quiz. Add to your Page and Embedded on a Webpage are premium features that you must pay for, but the others are free for up to 40 users.facebook-quiz-app-10-9to5net

So you are done now. Do you wanna try this- Click here


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