[How to] Play the T-Rex Google Chrome Offline Game

Every people who use the Google Chrome has faced the internet connectivity issue. This could be due to many reasons like slow wi-fi connection, router problem etc and your computer is not being able to connect to the internet. At that time your experience will be dull and boring until unless you have games on your laptop or PC. There are fewer people aware of it, in this situation Google Chrome can help you to get rid of this boredom.

Do you know, in this situation you can play a game inside your Google Chrome browser? Have you seen the dinosaur, the T-rex on your browser when you are not connected to the internet?t-rex-1

To play this game on Google Chrome, you have to press the up, down, or the spacebar to command your little T-Rex and it will start running. On the way, it will come across the obstacles and it opts to face them.

The Game is not modern, it gives the feeling of 90’s but its interesting one. To score in this game, you have to avoid obstacles by jumping from cacti, ducking from the pterodactyl, and much more. The color of the game changes when you score a certain value. Black refers to the night and white refers to morning.

It works like a stress killer for those people who have a short patience when the internet is not working. I think, it is great to kill some time while waiting for your internet connection. Google Chrome offers not just good service but also a pretty good way of entertainment. So enjoy the game, and enjoy your life. Hope you all like this article, keep us posted in the comment section.


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