[How to] Record your desktop using YouTube screencasting feature

Do you want to record your desktop? I am sure you will use screen-recording software trail versions and ready to pay amount for full version of that softwares. Companies always use full version of softwares but if you are an indivisual and want to record your desktop screen only for personal use, would you like to go for premium version of software? I am sure, you will think about it atleast once. For indivisuals, a screencast can help you on this. Normally screencasting softwares require installation or browser plugin but in YouTube screencasting feature, it doesn’t require any installation or browser plugin.

You just need to follow below steps-

  1. Go to YouTube’s Live Streaming page.youtube-screencasting-page
  2. Click the ‘Events’ option in the toolbar along the left side (see below screenshot).youtube-screencasting-page-event
  3. Click on ‘Enable live streaming’.youtube-screencasting-page-event-enable-live-streaming
  4. Complete the subsequent account-verification steps (which are required only the first time you do this).youtube-screencasting-page-account-verification
  5. After verification, Click on ‘Continue’ and accept the Terms & Conditions by clicking on ‘I Agree’.youtube-screencasting-page-congrtsyoutube-screencasting-page-terms
  6. It will redirect you back to the same page, at which point you’ll click ‘Create live event’. On this page, give your screencast a name (I have given it to ‘9to5Net_Live_Event’) then click the privacy drop-down menu and choose either ‘Private’ or ‘Unlisted’youtube-screencasting-live-event
  7. Click ‘Go Live Now’. It will ask to confirm ‘Ready to Go!!’ . Click ‘OK’. A new window will be launched for something called Google Hangout On Air.
  8. In the Hangout On Air window, click the ‘Screenshare icon’ (highlighed in below screenshot at left-hand side), then choose the screen you want to capture. You can capture entire screen or a specific window that’s open. Once you’ve made your choice, click ‘Share’.youtube-screencasting
  9. Now click ‘Start broadcast’. Now everything you do within the selected area will get recorded. When you’re done, click ‘Stop broadcast’.
  10. That’s it. You are good now. Go to YouTube dashboard and you should see your newly recorded video, ready for viewing and sharing.youtube-screencasting-dashboardjpg

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