[How to] Set up Bedtime alarm in iOS10? -Step by Step

Apple has started rolling out iOS 10 for all compatible iOS devices. In this new version of operating system, the company has introduced a new Bedtime alarm which will help you to wake up at the same time each morning. Not only that but new Bedtime alarm will also remind you to go ti bed each evening so that you can get enough sleep.

Apple has added a new Bedtime button to the Clock app within iOS 10 operating system. Let’s have a look of steps to set up Bedtime Alarm-

  • Tap on ‘Bedtime’ button.
  • Now tap on ‘Get Started’.ios10_bedtime-_alarm_0
  • You have to answer few questions.
  • What time would you like to wake up? (Let’s set up it to 7:00 AM). Click on ‘Next.ios10_bedtime-_alarm_1
  • Which days of the week should the alarm go off? (I have 5 working days..so I have selected only Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. You can choose whatever you like). Click on ‘Next.ios10_bedtime-_alarm_2
  • How many hours of sleep do you need each night? (I think 7 hrs are enough to me.. you can choose yours). Click on ‘Next.ios10_bedtime-_alarm_3
  • When would you like a bedtime reminder? (let’s set up it to 15 mins, it will remind you before 15 mins to go to bed). Click on ‘Next’.ios10_bedtime-_alarm_4
  • What do you want to hear when you wake up? (You have to choose a Wake Up Sound from among nine choices. All are very good and also gradually rise in volume to get you out of bed. Snooze option is also available when the alarm goes off.  Note: Unfortunately, you can not choose a personal track from your music library to wake up to.)ios10_bedtime-_alarm_5When you will answer the above questions, the next time when you open the Bedtime alarm, you will see a clock dial with your bedtime and wake time displayed. ios10_bedtime-_alarm_6It will also facilitate to drag on the dial to adjust the times, and if you tap the Options button, you can adjust the alarm’s days of the week, reminder buffer, wake up sound, and volume.

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