Apple iPhone 7 runs out the Galaxy Note 7 in the battle of speed test

Apple has launched the iPhone 7 with all new engineered A10 Fusion chipset inside it. According to Apple, this is the most powerful chip ever in a smartphone, that is 2 times more faster than the iPhone 6. The A10 Fusion chip’s CPU has two high‑performance cores and two high‑efficiency cores. So the folks at PhoneBuff decided to do what they love to do – a speed test – and they did a comparison of Apple iPhone 7 against the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

The results of the speed test solidify the Apple’s claims for it’s A10 Fusion chips. The iPhone 7 runs out the galaxy Note 7 by a big margin. The iPhone finishes the first lap in around 1 minute 14 seconds while the Note 7 still counting for the first lap test and completed the task in around 2 minutes and 4 seconds. Watch the video below to see the selection of apps in the speed test and to find out just where and how the Note7 loses the race against the iPhone 7.



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