iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus/Pro: New prototype image surfaced

From last many months, hundreds of leaked reports and information are coming out from some reliable sources about the upcoming iPhone 7. Now the latest information revealed that the mass production of the Apple’s next iPhone has started. And the very latest information are coming from the side of China, two pictures featuring the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus / Pro come to surface.

The first image features the iPhone 7 including the golden variation of the metal case with bands of separation of more discrete antennas, a thick plastic line that (used to) pass through the top and the bottom. Another image features the prototype of so called iPhone 7 Plus/Pro, which shows the dual camera sensor in high definition.

In a different image, shot from shot from a different angle – the bottom – shows that the 3.5mm headphone plug is gone from the bottom of the phone (we are not sure if Apple is planning to move it on the top or may be the Lightning port is the new destination for wired headphones). The image also shows the two speaker grills (may be this time Apple is making the way for stereo speakers).

All the images can be a simple prototype, not a final version. So don’t buy any exact words until any official announcements from the big company.

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