iPhone 7 appeared in a leaked video

After all much rumored hype about leaked details, prototype images, colors and pricing about the next iPhone, the upcoming iPhone 7 broke the ice and appeared in low-res 7-second mute video in living color. A seven-second video from unknown Chinese Vine analogue Miaopai surfaced  to show the iPhone 7 with its back and bottom design.

The device in the video below shows many of the characteristics we have covered in last few days – a improved camera system, removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack, and redesigned antenna lines that are repositioned from across the back of the device to along the edge.

The video shows the alleged iPhone7 in two different colors: silver and space gray. The two variants getting tilted to show off everything from the edge-hugging antenna lines to the simplified camera configuration and lack of the headphone jack. Interestingly these are only rear shots, the front display didn’t appeared for a second.

The upcoming iPhone is also said to feature wireless charging and waterproofing functionality, which are becoming more and more common on Android phones.

Waiting game is still on, hope we would hear something about a September launch very soon from Apple officials.




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