[How to] Keep your Smartphone From Being Hacked

Today smartphone is the most useful and mandatory gadget for everyone. Smartphone facilitates users to complete many tasks effortlessly by using apps like a request for dry cleaning, order groceries, shopping from different e-commerce apps etc. During these activities, we use online payments methods, save important documents on the phone, use of ATM/Online Banking pins and OTP (One Time Passwords). Therefore it is most important to keep your account information and documents safe and secure on your smartphone.

We have filtered few important tips for you in order to make your phone secure and safe from hackers as well as thieves:

  • Use In-built Security of smartphones

    There is a in-built security feature available in most of the smartphones to set a PIN for screen lock. You can enable the encryption feature to further enhance your security. If in-build security feature is not available in your phone, you can use many applications to set password, pin, pattern and face unlock. Also make sure when setting pins or pattern locks, try not to make it easy for hackers to guess/hack your password.PIN_Lock_9to5net.com

  • Stay safe on Public Wi-fi Networks

    Providing public wi-fi is trendy on many shops & restaurants but its mandatory to stay safe while using public wi-fi. Try to avoid using any unknown network. Data pack may be costly but at least they are secure. Avoid internet banking in case you are using public network. Hackers can easily sniff out your packets and translate it into actual data of your private information and misuse it. You can also use third party mobile apps like Hideninja VPN,Wifi Protector etc in order to encrypt outgoing data connection.public-wifi-9to5net.com


  • Read app permissions carefully before installing:

    During the installation of any application on your mobile phone, you receive a pop-up for providing required permissions to app. We recommend to go through with those permission before taking decision to provide permissions. Apps require permissions to do the things but its not mandatory that all of them are really required.app-permission-9to5net.com

  • Do Not Save All Of Your Passwords

    Many users don’t even thing about hacking and all before saving important password to their devices. Simply avoid this, it could harm you accounts, private information as well as cause to loose the money.ios_rememberpass-9to5net.com

  • Only install trusted apps

    During the installation of any app on your gadget, cross check that the app belongs to trusted sites like Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Apple iTunes and Microsoft’s Windows Store. Non trusted app can be installed on your device with malware and infect your devices. Many hackers use those malware to hijack your private information.trusted-mobile-apps-9to5net.com

  • Lock Your Apps

    Its not mandatory to lock each and every app but we would like to recommend to use App Lock on those applications which hold private information. It provides a second level of security. Also make sure the password/pin/pattern should not be the same as mobile screen lock. It will help you to protect your device in better way. There are many applications are available to lock apps, you can download and use it accordingly.applock-9to5net.com

  • Enable remote location and wiping

    Its recommended to enable remote location and wiping, so that in case of loosing your device, you can track it and wipe your private data from the device.

    Apple has Find My iPhone for iOS users. You can enable it (Go to Settings>>iCloud>> Look for Find My iPhone and turn it on).

    Android users have Android Device Manager. They can enable tracking, launch the app, link it to a Google account and follow the directions.

    For Windows phones, there’s the Find My Phone feature. To set it up, go to Settings>>Find My Phone. Make sure the slider is set to on.


  • Keep you phone Up to date

    It very important to keep your device up to date. Smartphone companies and apps provide new features as well as software updates in latest versions to fix many security holes. It is very important that you keep your smartphone’s OS and apps updated. Each time there is an OS App update the Google and Apple app stores intimate you for the same.mobile-phone-security-update-9to5net.com

  • Install an anti-virus

    There are many anti-viruses apps are available for devices, you can use them in order to protect your device from viruses. They also help you in safe browsing.antivirus-9to5net.com

  • Prepare a Backup of your data

    When your smartphone has been stolen or hacked, its not easy task to get all the information back to your new device. In this case backup will help you to recover the information. You can choose to backup important information to the Cloud, your desktop or even to a flash drive, for insurance.backup-9to5net.com

  • Wipe your old gadget before donating , selling or recycling

    reset-erase-all-selected-9to5net.comWhen upgrading to a new phone or tablet, make sure to wipe your old phone before you sell or recycle it. You definitely don’t want the information on your phone getting into the wrong hands. I don’t just mean deleting apps, files, photos and videos. Hackers and other criminals can easily recover deleted information. I mean wiping the phone’s internal memory so that no trace of personal information is left behind.

In short, there are plenty of risks to the sensitive information on your gadget. That’s why you need to take immediate steps to lock down your phone or tablet. Please share this information with everyone. Just click on any of these social media buttons.


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