10 importent keyboard shortcuts for regular YouTube watchers

If you are a regular user of YouTube, you should know about few important keyboard shortcuts which will help you to watch the videos in very easy and efficient way. So here are ten important keyboard shortcuts to remember-

  • To Gain Control on YouTube Video Player:

    ‘Tab’ key will help you to gain control on YouTube Video Player. By doing this you will be able to perform many actions like play/pause, next video, mute, volume, settings, theater mode, and full-screen using keyboard.

  • Play/pause a video:

    In order to play/pause the YouTube video, you can hit ‘Spacebar’ or ‘K’ Key. When you are hitting ‘K’ key to play/pause the video, it doesn’t matter where are you on the page, but while hitting ‘Spacebar’ to play/pause the video, it’s mandatory to gain control on YouTube video player before using ‘Spacebar’. To gain the control on the player, you can hit ‘Tab’ key.

  • Skip forward or back 10 seconds in video:

    If you want to skip back 10 seconds in a video- just press ‘J’ key and to skip forward 10-seconds, press ‘L’ key. Before using this shortcut, please make sure you have control on YouTube video player.

  • Skip forward or back 5 seconds in Video:

    To skip forward a YouTube video by 5-seconds, use ‘Right Arrow’ Key, similarly to skip back by 5-seconds- use ‘Left Arrow’ key.

  • Full-Screen Mode:

    Press ‘F’ key to watch the video in full-screen mode. If you want to exit from full-screen mode, press ‘Esc’ key.

  • Jump to % Spot:

    The number keys will help you to cut the video timeline in the multiplication of 10. If you hit ‘1’ key, it will jump to 10-percent on the video timeline. Similarly by hitting ‘2’ key- jump to 20 % on video timeline and so on.

  • Restart video:

    To restart a YouTube video, hit 0 (zero). You can also use ‘Home’ key on Windows keyboard.

  • Super slow-mo:

    With a video paused, hit the ‘period’ key (full stop) to move forward one frame at a time. Hit comma (,) to move back a frame.

  • Turn on closed captioning:

    To turn on closed captioning, hit the ‘C’ key. And to change the font size, you have to use plus (+) and minus (-) keys.

  • Adjust the volume & mute:

    In order to turn the volume down, use ‘down arrow’ key, similarly use ‘up arrow’ key to turn volume up. If you want to mute the video- press ‘M’.

So, when you are using keyboard shortcuts on YouTube, please make sure that you have controls on YouTube video player. Hope you all have enjoyed this article, keep us posted in comments and stay in touch with us.


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