Leaked Specifications of Asus ROG Ally X Revealed Ahead of Official Debut

Asus ROG Ally X

In the coming weeks, we are expecting the release of Asus ROG Ally X but before its debut, we have got you all the details related to its new features and design. We have penned down all the specifications of the latest handheld gaming console ahead of its debut. 

Rather than being a replacement, it will be released as an upgraded version of the original ROG Ally, and its specifications imply that the ROG Ally X will get some much-needed hardware updates. These include additional, higher-bandwidth RAM and an upgraded battery that should improve the device’s performance.

What are we expecting in the Asus ROG Ally X specifications?

  • Display: 7-inch full-HD 120Hz screen
  • Battery: 80Wh
  • RAM: 24GB of LPDDR5 memory
  • APU: AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme
  • Storage: 1TB M.2 NVMe 2280 SSD
  • Weight: 678g

According to a source, the Asus ROG Ally X will have a significantly larger 80Wh battery, which should help players to play games for longer. When the original device was released, it had a 40Whr battery, and consumers complained that the console had a limited battery life. So,we are expecting a good improvement in the battery life this time.

According to the report, the device’s thickness will be 4.5mm more than that of the original model, measuring 36.9mm. Also, it might weigh 678g, 70g more than the ROG Ally.

Second is the memory department of the ROG Ally X. Initially, the ROG Ally was equipped with 16GB of RAM, but the ROG Ally X will come with 24GB of LPDDR5 memory. Additionally, it will have a larger memory bandwidth (7,500MHz) than the present model (6,400MHz).

The ROG Ally X is expected to be powered by the same AMD Ryzen Z1 Ultimate APU as the ROG Ally. Likewise, the forthcoming smartphone will maintain its 7-inch full-HD screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz.

Additionally, Asus is going to swap out the fan from the original ROG Ally for a new one that is 23% smaller and has fins that are 50% thinner than the ones on the original, which should boost airflow on the future ROG Ally X by 10%.

Computex 2024, which begins on June 4, is when we can expect to discover more about the Asus ROG Ally X, including its rumored $799 (approximately Rs. 66,400) cost and availability. 



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