New Google Announcement: Google Replaces Title Tags With Site Names (For Homepage)

Site name replaces meta title

Earlier, most SEO experts downloaded the Yoast plugins and updated a suitable meta title for their homepage. But Google has turned the tables now. Google will display your site name at the beginning of mobile search results for the homepage.

Let us make it easier for you to understand. In mobile search results, Google will display your updated meta title after your site name. For example, if you search your business name “Metropolitan Tree and Landscaping Corp” on Google, it will be visible before your updated meta title tags.

Google update example

Hence, in this case, we recommend you update your site name and make it short so that it does not consume much of your space.

Also, the new feature does not work for subdomains (

Google has introduced a new feature to make it easier for the viewer or audience to identify a specific website in the search results.

The feature is currently active for English, French, Japanese, and German languages and will soon be live for other languages.

However, the feature does not always work. For example, search HubSpot without any space, it will show you the first image. But, if you try searching HubSpot with space, i.e., Hub Spot, it does work and shows the site name.

search hubspot
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