Is Pokemon GO coming to Windows Phone? Here is what claimed by Microsoft Portugal

All time most popular mobile gaming app Pokemon GO could be making its way to the Windows Phone platform soon, claimed by Microsoft Portugal on their Facebook page. Pokemon GO is currently only available for Android and iOS.

Pokemon Go

Microsoft Portugal reveals this in a response to a user posting on their Facebook page that the app would be making its app to Windows Phone. Here’s the complete text (translated version) what Microsoft Portugal responded in the comment:

Hi Rafael,
The application will be home soon, which refers to the windows phone store.
Thank you,
Team Microsoft Portugal

It’s also worth noting that several times, Microsoft support workers have told Windows users that apps like Snapchat would be making their way to the platform, information which is clearly inaccurate.So hope for the best, and wish this time Microsoft Team has made some official stand which is not going to be false.

UPDATE: So following their previous record, a new comment under that post reveals that the above mentioned comment has been retracted. The new comment by Microsoft Portugal says:

Dear fans, we apologize if the comment published previously you induced in error. We have actually received requests for this application will be available for windows phone. The store windows is evaluating options to satisfy this request in the best possible way. We promise to keep you abreast of any developments.

So this clears that Pokemon Go for Windows Phone isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Stay tuned with us, we will update you if Microsoft comes out with any sort of official confirmation on this for all Pokemon GO lover out there.

Are you waiting to play Pokemon Go on your Windows phone? Let us know in the comments below.

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