Prisma app adds support for Video, now turn your videos into art works

Keeping it’s promise that it will be coming with support for videos soon, the Photo-filter app Prisma has added the video support. Prisma has pushed out a new update which adds the support for videos, starting with it’s iOS app. The feature is currently in beta and available only on iOS devices. You can now  turn your videos up to 15 second long into an comic-style art wok using this feature.

As with the photos, the Prisma app is now able to process 15-second videos into a art work. You can choose a video from your gallery or record a video using the app and by selecting one of the available effects to apply. Currently there are nine filter styles are available to choose from. The video feature also supports processing in offline mode, that means you don’t need a cellular connection to process your videos. All of the processing happens right on your smartphone. You’ll need iOS 10 for Prisma video to work. According to the official changelog for the new update on iOS:

You can now turn your memories into moving artworks using unique video styles!

Pick a file from gallery or shoot up to 15 seconds of video through the Prisma camera to add an artist’s touch to it.
The processing is done locally. No Internet connection is needed. You just need an iPhone 6 or later with iOS 10.

You need a little patience as it can take more than a minute to finish the process a clip depending on length, resolution and hardware of your device. The duration of processing the videos will depend on your device and can vary according to the hardware significantly.

The iOS users can download latest version 2.6 of the Prisma app from the iTunes to use this feature. If you don’t see any update, wait a little more, the update may be rolling out in stages and will reach you in coming days.

Coming to the Prisma app for Android, and as usual the Android users have to wait a little more to have the video support. They will first get the offline photo editing feature, and the support for video will follow after that. According to the Prisma,”it’s planning to add offline photo processing to the Android app first, in a week or so, after which it’ll jump on a video development, Android is a tough guy.”

The support for GIFs feature is also coming to Prisma app for both platforms, but there is no specific timeline for the roll out of the next feature.



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