Prisma app now works offline without internet connection

Developers of the popular artistic photo filtering app – Prisma – are working a lot behind the curtain to make the app more friendly. And now, the app received an important update on iOS platform today. Prisma app users on iOS platform able to use some of its effects offline. The updated version 2.4 of the app already hits the iTunes. Android users have to wait a little more, the offline support is also coming to Prisma for Android, but not today.

Only half of Prisma’s filters will be capable to work offline at first (16 total), but other styles will also support offline mode in the near future.

How it works

Till now, when you tapped on an effect to apply on your photo, the app actually sends your photo to its servers where the neural network does the transformation according to selected styles. And finally send the finished work back to your phone. This whole process required you to have a decent internet connection. But now, the internet connectivity will no longer be necessary to process your request.

According to the developers behind the app, “We have managed to implement neural networks to smartphones, which means users will no longer need an internet connection to turn their photos into art pieces”. That means, all the algorithms and neural network processing will run on your smartphone locally and speed up the things.

This will also help to free up those servers that will allow it’s developers to work with video support on the app, which will be added to the app soon in a later update. “Now that we’ve implemented neural networks right to the smartphones, we have enough servers capacity to run full videos on them in the near future,” Prisma’s developers added.

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According to the company, the Prisma has 4 million daily users among more than 52 million users who have installed the app.



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