Prisma app to support video soon, will allow users to apply artistic effects to their videos

The best is still to come with Prisma photo-filtering app Рsoon it will support video to add artworks and share. The app officially became available for android a couple of days ago. Prisma lets users to convert their photos into a piece of art by using a neural network, which is the basis for many artificial intelligence systems, to analyze an image’s visual characteristics and apply those artistic flourishes to another image.

At the present Prisma only support photos – snap or select a picture from your gallery, choose one of the 30 free artistc styles, wait for the neural network to process your request and you will get a painted art work of your photos, you’re free to share on your social network of choice. But that is not all, very soon you will be able to perform the same artistic work with your videos also.

According to Prisma co-founder Alexei Moiseenkov, Prisma is working on a tool that will be able to apply similar artistic effects to short video clips in the same app. The feature is apparently ready, but the startup must work on updating its computing infrastructure to handle the added load and compexities of videos. Video support is expected to roll sometime in the next several weeks.

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