Pre-Order Samsung Galaxy Watch FE: Price and Release Date

For some time now, Samsung has been constantly sharing short news and updates about the upcoming affordable Galaxy Watch FE. But what we have got for you is more detailed information about the same. The Galaxy Watch FE has now surfaced on Amazon, verifying the device’s release date and price.

Another name for the revived Galaxy Watch 4 is Galaxy Watch FE. The gadget is identical in terms of design, hardware, and specifications; its only difference is a slightly updated version of Wear OS straight out of the box. With the upcoming introduction of the Galaxy Watch 7 series and its “Ultra” edition, the wristwatch completes Samsung’s smartwatch portfolio by providing a more affordable choice.

In fact, a complete listing for the Galaxy Watch FE was recently uploaded on Amazon in Italy, verifying a few important elements.

samsung galaxy watch FE amazon

We got the update from a trusted source YTechB (via GSMArena). Sadly, no images are included, however, the item is described as “Samsung Galaxy Watch FE (40mm) BT Pink Gold.” Strangely enough, there hasn’t been any word of a 44mm model yet. The product weighs 26.6g and has measurements of 40 x 10 x 39 mm in the description.

Most significantly, the listing verifies the Galaxy Watch FE’s pricing and release date.

The price of the smartwatch, which matches the earlier leak, is €199 on the listing. That would probably cost $199 in the US, making the Galaxy Watch 6 about $100 more expensive. Additionally, the ad confirms a previous leak by stating that pre-orders will ship on June 24.

Considering how frequently the watch has leaked, it appears likely that an official announcement will occur shortly. However, Samsung has not yet released an official statement.


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