Samsung launches four new accessories along with the Galaxy Note 7 in United States

Samsung has launched Galaxy Note 7 yesterday in USA. Along with this launch, company has announced to release several new accessories which help to make up its new lineup of “collections” which promote different lifestyles as part of Samsung’s latest marketing campaign. This new launch includes the Gear VR headset, Gear 360, Gear IconX, Level Active and Samsung Connect auto.

Samsung has launched these accessories to focus on fitness, learning and experiencing VR, creating new content, and using products for a mobile lifestyle. Lets know more about these devices-

Samsung Gear VR headset:

Samsung has launched upgraded VR headset known as Samsung Gear VR 2016. You will get much better experience in comparison to previous VR headset because the new one offers a wider field of view and promises to be more cozy.This VR headset will work with just about any Samsung phone dating back to the Galaxy S6. samsung-launches-four-new-accessories-along-galaxy-note-7-united-states_ Samsung Gear-VR

It is still available at $99.99 .

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Samsung Gear 360:

Samsung has launched this camera to capture your life moments in 360 degree. You will experience the world at new level. You have to sync your compatible Samsung device, shoot every moment and watch it using your Samsung smartphones and Gear VR in 360

You can use ‘Use Viewfinder Mode’ to frame, record, and snap remotely on the Samsung Gear 360 from your phone. It also has a feature to upload 360 video straight to Facebook without any extra efforts.

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Samsung Gear IconX:

Samsung has launched this device mainly to focus fitness freaks. Basically these are wireless earbuds that can store up to 1,000 songs and also track parameters such as speed and heart rate. The Gear IconX sit snug in your ears in the most comfortable way, after that you can run, jump and carry on with Samsung Gear IconX

Whether you’re running or walking, these cord free earbuds are smart enough to track your activity and give updates on essential data from speed, distance and duration to heart rate and calories burnt via a dedicated voice guide.

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*Heart rate monitor: intended for fitness purposes, and not intended to diagnose any disease or condition, nor mitigate, prevent, treat or cure any disease.

Samsung Level Active:

These headphone are basically designed for active listeners. It delivers high quality sound and comes in a lightweight, stable and hassle-free package.These earbuds are connected by a convenient, behind-the-neck cable with a built-in remote for controlling music and


These earbuds also tracks your activities similar to Gear IconX, only you need to touch and hold the Active Key on the right side earbud to share information with compatible Samsung apps. It will receive workout data from S Health, hear the current time, or use the timer app to time your workout or run.

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Samsung Connect auto:

Samsung has not mentioned earlier, AT&T will be selling the “Samsung Connect auto”. You have to plug this device into your car’s ODBII interface port (which is used for programming and reading a vehicle’s diagnostics). samsung-launches-four-new-accessories-along-galaxy-note-7-united-states_ Samsung ConnectAuto

It can provide your passengers with a Wi-Fi hotspot using AT&T’s LTE, and “send real-time alerts to the driver, improving efficiency and safety on the road”. You’ll also be able to track your car via GPS, and be alerted if your car’s location changes. This device works with its own app which can be installed on either Android or iOS.

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