Sony’s Xperia X Android Nougat concept to get VoLTE support soon

According to a new report, Sony Mobile will add VoLTE support for Xperia X smartphone very soon. The company is working with network operators for the new feature. Sony’s Android Nougat Concept firmware for the Xperia X handsets will soon get VoLTE (voice over LTE) support.

The VoLTE feature will improve call quality, faster call connectivity and also there is no need to switch to a 2G/3G frequency to make a call. To implement the VoLTE support requires both phone and network support. This means that Sony will need to add support on an operator by operator basis.

To target this Sony will follow it’s three largest markets for the Concept release is Germany, UK and Scandinavia to start with. So in the very first phase, the update containing VoLTE support will be rolled out to eligible Xperia X units on three of the largest German mobile carriers including Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, and Telefonica/02. After Germany, the VoLTE update will roll out in the UK and Spain.



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