SwiftKey for Android is now powered by Neural Networks to predict like a human brain

If you thinks that the smartphone keyboards have enough with the prediction technology then you are wrong. SwiftKey keyboard has announced something new about the prediction stuff on your smartphone. Today, SwiftKey has released an update for it’s Android app to use neural networks and enable it’s keyboards to understand language at a deeper level. With this new update SwiftKey has become the world’s first smartphone keyboard powered by neural networks.


The neural networks technology on SeiftKey keyboard gives you more accurate and useful next-word predictions. Neural networks are very popular these days, the photo filtering app Prisma also works on the same technology to convert your photos into a artwork. Neural networks technology is a computer system modelled on the human brain and nervous system. SwiftKey uses the same approach to to make more accurate and better predictions.

To explain how it works, SwiftKey released an video. Watch it here:

The new update is now available in SwiftKey keyboard for Android, you can install the update from the Play Store. According to the change log on update page:

We’ve rebuilt SwiftKey’s language engine from the ground up, laying the foundation for the next generation of our technology. The power of neural networks offers more human predictions by better understanding the context of what you’re saying. (Currently supports English GB & US only).

Initially, the new word predictions powered by neural networks are available for US English and UK English language models only, support with more languages to come soon. Users of US or UK English with SwiftKey who have the latest version of the app will be upgraded automatically to the new word prediction approach.



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