Twitter’s night mode now available to all iOS users

After introducing the Night Mode functionality beta builds to iOS users few days back, Twitter for iOS gets Night Mode for all users. Twitter started rolling out this feature in a phased manner and the Android users have received the night mode functionality back in June. And now, Twitter’s night mode is officially out in the iOS app too.

Night mode on Twitter features as a setting tweak in both Android and iOS app. When turned on, it shifts the app’s color scheme to a darker one to avoid straining your eyes when you’re glancing at the screen with no lights turned on in the night. To use this feature, you have to get the latest Twitter app update on your iOS device.

How to enable night mode feature on Twitter

As in the Android app, the night mode in Twitter for iOS also needs to be toggled on and off manually by the users. In the latest version of Twitter app on iOS, go to the Me tab > tap the gear icon > you’ll see the night mode toggle button for turning the feature on and off.

Once you enable Night Mode you don’t actually get a true black background for the UI, instead it’s more like a dark blue hue – a deep midnight blue. You can shut night mode off at any time if you don’t like it, just go to the navigation menu and drag the toggle off.


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