Twitter’s Night Mode feature coming to iOS devices very soon..

If we recall, last month Twitter rolled out the Night Mode UI Feature for android devices. At that time there was no any information available about this feature for iOS devices. However now, it seems that this feature will be available soon for iOS devices as Night Mode UI Feature is a part of latest beta build for iOS devices.


If you are using latest Twitter Beta version on iOS devices, you will be able to access this features by using App’s Settings Menu. Night Mode for iOS devices is very similar and Android counterpart with its navy blue color scheme.

As per received response from Android users, they are expecting a feature to turn on night mode automatically based on time of day or your phone’s display brightness  but unfortunately this feature is not available in current build.

How to Turn On/Off Twitter Night Mode Feature in iOS Devices?

twitters-night-mode-feature-comes-iphones-ipads - featured_1

  1. Install Twitter iOS App. (since this feature is currently in Beta version, therefore install beta version)
  2. Tap on icon as available in screen 1.
  3. Tap on ‘Settings’.
  4. Tap on ‘Display and Sound’.

There will be an option to On/Off the night mode in iOS devices. Company has not disclosed any date when this feature will publicly launch,but as mentioned it is available in Beta version, so we can expect this feature in next major updates.

Stay tuned with us, we will let you know once this feature will be available for public use.


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