WhatsApp’s new features: front-facing flash, more image editing options & easier zooming capabilities

WhatsApp has recently introduced few new features in its Beta Version 2.16.264 – an annotation tool, ability to paste emojis and text on images, zooming capabilities by sliding your finger while recording a video and a front-facing flash for your selfies. Let’s have a detailed look on its new features-

1. New features of WhatsApp camera

In this , there are two excellent features-

  • Front-facing flash
  • One-finger zoom capabilities

In Front- facing flash feature, when you use the front camera while taking a selfie using WhatsApp, this feature makes your screen light up white and will act like a flash to illuminate your face in the dark environment. 9to5net-com-selfie

In the updated camera feature, WhatsApp is also bringing another interesting feature- one-finger zoom capability. This feature is similar to SanpChat and Instagram. So in this features, while you are capturing a video using WhatsApp camera, you just need to slide your finger up or down to zoom in or out accordingly.9to5net-com-one-finger-zoom

Please note that all above features will only work in WhatsApp’s camera interface. You all need to launch this interface by launching WhatsApp and tapping on the camera icon placed next to the text box in the chat window.

2. Image drawing and Stickers

In the new version of WhatsApp, you will be able to add stickers or text to the pictures. You’ll get an option to annotate and draw on top of the images. All older options such as cropping and rotating will also be available. While the Undo option facilitates you to go back several steps during the picture editing.image-drawing-and-stickers-9to5net-com

3. Bigger emojis

Recently WhatsApp has rolled out this features, which result in a bigger animated version of the emoji. Single emoji will appear little bigger than its normal size. The size of emojis further decreases in a descending order as the number of emojis increase up to 4, after which they scale back to their original size.

So in the new version, sending one emoji will appear in large size, two emojis in medium size, three emojis in the smaller size (bigger than regular size) and four & above emojis will scale them back to regular size (similar to emojis within text messages).

4. Telegram links

Along with above new features, the newer version of WhatsApp will allow Telegram links back inside the messages. We don’t have much information on this feature but reportedly it noticed recently and expected to launch very soon.

If you want to taste these new WhatsApp features, you can download the WhatsApp Beta version from below link or download the APK file.

Download WhatsApp Beta version 2.16.264

Download APK file for Beta version 2.16.264


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