WhatsApp launches video-calling feature for Android users

If we recall, ’10 new and upcoming features of WhatsApp’, we have already talked about video calling feature and finally, WhatsApp started rolling out its video call support in its latest beta version. If you are using the beta version, when you make a call using WhatsApp, you will get to options- ‘Audio call’ & ‘Video call’.


Also, make sure when you are making video calls, the other person must have the same version. If the other person doesn’t have the same version of the mobile application, WhatsApp will show a message “Couldn’t place call.”. In this case,  the other person needs to update WhatsApp to receive a video call.


This feature is currently available for Android users, the company has revealed anything about the feature’s availability for iOS users. As you all know that video calling feature is the key feature of Snapchat and Google Duo. We have tried this feature in WhatsApp beta version. The experience of video chat in WhatsApp is pretty good. You will get a simple UI and it’s very easy to use. You will see an ‘end call’ button at the center along with reverse camera app, message, and speaker mute options on the footer. After completing the call, WhatsApp asked for a feedback on the quality of WhatsApp video call.


WhatsApp has recently upgraded many features for Android and iOS users like ‘Reply Any Specific Messages’ , Voicemail Feature and ‘Emojis In Bigger Size’.

How to install APK file to get WhatsApp video calling feature in Android?

If you cannot wait for the official launch of new WhatsApp version on Google Play, you can manually download and install the app’s APK file.


Note: New version of WhatsApp is not available on WhatsApp’s official website.

How to install App’s APK file-

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Enter the Security menu.
  3. Swipe down to “Unknown sources” option under “Device administration” header and turn it on.

By following above steps, any ‘apk’ file can be installed on your smartphone that is not available or registered on Google Play. So download the APK file first ,once the download is complete, swipe down on the home screen to access the notification panel.

  • Tap on the file to install it.

After the installation process is over, a shortcut will be automatically added to your phone. Now, just open it and you are all set to get going. Hope you like this video calling feature of WhatsApp. Please keep us posted in the comment section.


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