WhatsApp rolls out voicemail feature to iOS users

Following the appearance of voice mail feature in the beta version for Android last month, WhatsApp has started rolling out this feature to iOS users. The new version of WhatsApp will allow  iPhone and iPad users to send a voicemail to other users if he/she has not answered the WhatsApp call due to some reasons.


Describing this new feature of WhatsApp, company said-

“When placing a WhatsApp call, you now quickly leave a voice message if your call isn’t answered, just like voicemail.”

How to use this feature in iOS devices?

  • First try placing a WhatsApp call.
  • If the intended recipient declines or ignores the call, users will be presented with three options – Voice Message, Call Again, and Cancel.
  • Tap on Voice Message.
  • Record the voice message and send it.

Note: In WhatsApp Android app – It comes with minor differences- it said “Call back” and “Record voice message”.

What is the use of Voicemail feature:

WhatsApp has introduced this feature in case you missed/rejected the WhatsApp call, user will get an option to send ‘voice message’ along with two other options ‘call again’ and ‘Cancel’. To send voice mails, you need to tap and hold on ‘voice message’ button till finish the recording. Now lift the finger from screen to send the message. This voicemail will also appear in user’s active WhatsApp conversation with the caller.

Along with this update, WhatsApp also introduced another feature to zoom in/out while recording a video using WhatsApp. We have also listed some NEW AND UPCOMING FEATURES OF WHATSAPP like QuotesNew Fonts, Music Sharing, GIF Support, Big Emoji etc.

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