WhatsApp Tricks : Are you tired of being added to a group repeatedly? Try this..

Are you fed up with being added to a WhatsApp group?? We are going to provide a trick to break it to the root here.

Step 1: 

Go to WhatsApp Web.

(preferably in Google Chrome browser)

Step 2:

Open the group chat –> choose any emoticon and keep on inserting it (about 4000 emoticons) by using copy (Ctrl+C) paste (Ctrl+V) till the Tab slows down.

When there are enough emoticons, just press ENTER or click on Send button. It may seem not to respond but give it some time.



Step 3:

When done sending, notice a tick on the emoticons message . Now fore close the browser and you are good to go.


That Whats App group now become useless.

To prove it – Try opening  it on your own device and it will force close. Everyone will be forced to close this group.

You can even try it on an individual chat. When someone opens the chat, WhatsApp crashes. So they will be forced to leave the group or delete the chat. Here is the screen shot-





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