Most helpful Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts you should know

In this post we are sharing a list of Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts for those who prefer a physical keyboard. These keyboard shortcuts aren’t just for Windows 10, however. Many of these shortcuts work with Windows 7 or 8.1. In addition, Windows 10 comes with a set of new keyboard shortcuts for the new features such as easier access to the new Action Center, Cortana, Task View, and virtual desktops etc.

Here’s a list of the most useful keyboard shortcuts for navigating through Windows 10:

The Basic Keyboard shortcuts

 keyboard Shortcut Description
Ctrl + A Select all items in a window.
Ctrl + C (or Ctrl + Insert) Copy selected/highlighted item (e.g., text, images, etc).
Ctrl + X Cut selected/highlighted item.
Ctrl + V (or Shift + Insert) Paste the selected item
Ctrl+Z Undo previous action
Ctrl +Y Redo action
Alt + F4 Close the current app/window
Alt + Tab Switch between open apps/windows.
Windows logo key  + L Lock your PC or switch accounts
Shift + Delete Delete selected item permanently (skip the Recycle Bin)

New keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10

Keyboard Shortcut Description
Windows logo key  + A Open Action center
Windows logo key‌  + S Open search
Windows logo key‌ + C Open Cortana in listening mode
Windows logo key‌  + Tab Open Task view
Windows logo key  + Ctrl + D Add a virtual desktop
Windows logo key  + Ctrl + Right arrow Switch between virtual desktops you’ve created on the right
Windows logo key  + Ctrl + Left arrow Switch between virtual desktops you’ve created on the left
Windows logo key  + Ctrl + F4 Close the virtual desktop you’re using

Browser shortcuts (works in Edge and most other browsers)

Keyboard shortcut Description
Ctrl + T Open new tab
Ctrl + D Bookmark page
Ctrl + L Highlight current URL
Ctrl + Tab Switch between your open tabs
Ctrl + number (1-9) Move to nth tab
Ctrl + Enter add “.com” to the end of a web address  (e.g. type ‘9to5net’ then Ctrl + Enter to get

Hope you will find these keyboard shortcuts useful to navigate through your Windows PC. There are much more keyboard shortcuts you can use to speed up your work with Windows 10. We will continue to find some more useful keyboard shortcuts to share with you. If you experience some new ones, please let us know! We will try to keep the above list up to date.


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