‘Worst’ mobile apps for your smartphone’s battery

In today’s world, most of the people are using smartphones but maximum percentage of them are not happy with the battery performance of their smartphones or using smartphones which are powered by good battery life. Its a touchy issue and most of the time, smartphone users get irritated and feel unhappy. Battery performance of smartphones is depends on built, specifications of smartphones and it’s usages also affect it.

You always love to share media, edit documents/pictures, playing games internet browsing and manage own social media accounts, which are also a big reason behind the bad battery life of your smartphone. Below are the mobiles app, you should need to uninstall right away from your smartphone to boost it’s battery life.

1. Battery Saver Apps

Battery saver apps or apps to boost RAM is also a big cause to drain your battery life quickly because they silently run in background even your phone is on idle. On a regular basis, these apps used to scan your mobile and clean it, but in whole process they use a good amount of your phone’s battery life.Phone_Junk

2. Social Media Apps

Today Facebook is most popular social media and some others are also like Snapchat, Instagram and Skype. These apps always keep running on your smartphone and send notifications to you. These are also battery draining apps.SocialMedia


3. Anti-Virus Apps

Anti-Virus apps also keep running periodically on your smartphone and fix the problems and remove the threats from your smartphone. Among of them, some apps have rights to access your camera try to capture the image of person who is trying to unlock you phone with wrong credentials. Those apps also speed up the battery draining process.Antivirus


4. Photo Editing Apps

Photography enthusiast people always complain about their mobile battery life because they love to capture the pictures using their smartphones, edit them and share to social media. Normally photo editing apps are heavy in size, use lot of processing power to edit pictures and causes to speed up the battery draining process. For example-Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop Express and Pixlr Express etc.



5. Internet Browsing Apps

Normally smartphones are powered by some browsing apps but for the convenience, users always use some additional apps. Some of them uses huge amount of your smartphone’s battery life due to periodic notifications, ads etc. So we would like to advice that uninstall the apps which are not in use to extend your smartphones battery life.



6. Gaming Apps

Need For Speed, Pokemon Go, Candy Crush etc are most popular gaming apps. Some of them to use your smartphone’s camera like Pokemon Go or automated notifications about your rival and drain your smartphone’s battery in abnormal manner.


If you cannot compromise by uninstalling these apps just force stop them. Using this way you can also extend your smartphone’s battery life. Also keep in mind that tapping once,it would active the app again.


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