‘Xperia Ear’ pre-orders starts in Europe with a £45/€50 voucher for the purchase of your next Xperia phone

Sony has started taking the pre-orders for the ‘Xperia Ear’ in Europe exclusively through the Xperia Stores. Pre-orders for the Sony’s in-ear personal assistant will be available at £179 in the UK and €199 across mainland Europe.


Sony is also throwing away a sweet deal along with the pre-orders of the Xperia Ears in Europe. With every pre-orders, customers will get a £45/€50 voucher that can be used towards the purchase of a new Xperia phone through the Xperia Store. The Xperia Ear will start shipping from November 13, 2016, the voucher offer will also expire on the same day. Also you have to use it by January 14, 2017, otherwise it expires.

Pre-order Xperia Ear in the UK

Pre-order Xperia Ear in other parts of Europe

The Xperia Ear is powered by Sony Agent Technology, allowing you to send and receive messages, check your schedule, search, navigate, and more – all without picking up your phone. You can also talk to your Xperia Ear – it listens and reacts, just like in a normal conversation and deliver the information straight to your ear. The Xperia Ear is also engineered with intuitive gesture sensitivity (simply nod to confirm a command). It comes with integrated sensors like proximity sensor, gyroscope and accelerometer.It also comes with IPX2 certification for water protection. It has language support for – English (UK), English (US), German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese.


Sony has also released a video series to highlight what the Xperia Ear is capable of. You can check all the three videos below:



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