YouTube tests auto-playing thumbnails on mouseover

YouTube, a video hub where millions of people stream videos online and enjoy.  This was created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005. Google bought this for US$1.65 billion in November 2006. Google constantly evolving, adding new features and small UI tweaks every few weeks to its products.

9to5net Team spotted a tweet (by someone) on Twitter and it seems that YouTube is currently testing a new feature “auto-playing thumbnails on mouseover”. It means video thumbnails begin playing their content on mouseover.

Whenever you come across a video streaming website, you feel very comfortable when you can have a look in video thumbnails by simply mouseover on video. It is a convenient way to peek inside a video. Click on below video to know, how this feature will work-

This feature could be a game changer for the video streaming site. It’s not as if YouTube is scared of any competition in the video streaming realm, however, the easiest way to stay on top is to keep improving your product.

Like we said it appears to be in testing, its quite possible that you don’t see it right away. We have not any official communication for this YouTube’s feature. Fingers crossed, we will keep you updated if heard anything about this feature but we want to know your views on this feature? Is this a feature you’d like to see on YouTube?

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