10 important features missing in Google’s Android OS

No doubt, Google Android OS most used mobile OS all over the world and is doing a very great job by providing ultimate features to its users but in parallel smartphone companies are continuously upgrading  their devices to make the make those devices more useful and smart. Below is the list of 10 important features which are still missing in Android OS. SOme of them are already launched by Android’s OS rival Apple iOS.


Feature 1: Dedicated gaming mode

If Android OS can provide this feature, it will be best one for Gamer. Android should have this feature and can be accessible with the single tap. Also in this mode, all the notifications should be disable so that they can not interrupt the users while they are playing games.

Feature 2: Split-screen multi-tasking

Samsung Galaxy smartphones handle split-screen multi-tasking in the best possible way and facilitate the users to work on two windows in parallel on a single screen. But this feature yet to come on Android OS.

Feature 3: Bulk app uninstall

It will be also useful feature to uninstalling appsin bulk. Samsung’s latest TouchWiz UI you can uninstall apps only one-by-one

Feature 4: 3D Touch

This feature is introduced by Apple iOS in Apple 6S while in Android, Huawei’s Mate 8 carries this feature but is still not able to make most of it as the feature has not yet reached Android natively.

Feature 5: Scrolling screenshots

This feature is available in Samsung Galaxy devices and latest in Xiaomi’s MIUI but still missing in Android natively.

Feature 6: Notifications alerts on desktop

On iOS ,‘Continuity’ feature provide this functionality to iOS users but in Android, you can have similar feature by using Pushbullet app. But adding it natively in Android will move it to next level.

Feature 7: Deeper UI customisation

Best features of Android OS is customization. Users download and install launcher apps all the time to customize their home screen layout, icons and the overall look.However this feature would be more than welcome if Google adds it to its OS

Feature 8: Video record in caller ID

In Xiaomi’s MIUI 7, this feature was introduced last year named as  ‘Bust a move’. It records a short 5-second video that would show up every time on other person’s handset when they call.

Feature 9: Separate control centre

Similar to iOS, a separate control centre for Android would too make it easier to access toggle options.It could feature calculator, torch, music control option, and other features.

Feature 10: Download booster

Latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones have this feature and most od Samsung users are aware about the same but its should be added natively in Android.

As per leaked news, Android Nougat OS will be bringing some features of above list in future release.


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