10 tips to free space on your iPhone

The users holding 64GB iPhone don’t care too much about availability of space because 64GB iPhones being considered as a luxury in India. But users holding 16GB iPhone, face a storage crunch after trying out various multimedia features. This is because, in iPhone there is no slot for microSD card. iPhones 16GB option is easily affordable to people therefore we have filtered 10 best practices to never run out of GBs when needed-

1. Get rid of unnecessary apps

Mobile Apps consume lot of space in your iPhone, so it doesn’t make sense to keep unnecessary apps in your iPhone. The users which have higher storage, its not too much important but for the users which have 16GB variant, it means a lot.Get-rid-of-unnecessary-apps

2. Delete books and download only when required again

Many users are fond of reading books on devices but books take space in MBs. The books which are not in use or you have read it fully, you can delete those books and get it again by using iCloud whenever required.Delete-books-and-download-only-when-required-again

3. Turn off “Keep Normal Photo”

“Keep Normal Photos” feature helps in avoiding duplicate photographs on the devices when HDR is used. You can turn off this feature using Settings. In the Settings menu, under Photos & Camera- there is a option to turn off the “Keep Normal Photos”.  Also, if you are capturing images in Burst mode, deleting unnecessary photos will helps a lot.


4. Get a Wi-Fi external storage device

If you like to watch movies, video/audio songs on your iPhone and want to carry lot of movies, a Wi-Fi card reader or storage drive will help you in saving space on your device. These drives are available in market with the price range of Rs. 2,000 and 3,000 from Kingston and SanDisk.


You can access your external hard drive or microSD cards wirelessly on your phones. Internet connectivity is not required.

5. Back up and delete old photos & videos

Camera photos and videos consume a lot of space on your iPhone. Its always a goof practice to back up these old photos on Google Drive or Dropbox. Some other options are also available in market like Wi-Fi hard drive. You can use them.Back-up-and-delete-old-photos-videos-featured6. Delete old messages (iMessages/ SMS)

Messages may not consume space in GBs but they consume a noticeable amount of space, specially iMessages. Every old message  is not important. Its good to delete old messages and create some free space on your device. Also, in iPhones Settings menu under Messages, you can ‘opt out’ of never delete messages automatically.


7. Clean your music playlist

Most of the people love to hear songs which are trendy, in this case its quite possible to have songs in device which are unheard for a long time or doesn’t suit your taste anymore. Delete those songs, it will help you to create noticeable space on your device.


You can make maximum use of iCloud along with other music streaming apps to tune into the latest music.

8. Clear offline data

When you browse something on your device, in background it always consumes some space and stores some offline data. Offline data from Safari or Chrome takes always considerable amount of space therefore its a good practice to clear browser cache regularly including offline reading lists.


9. Delete duplicates

Many times you received similar photos and videos form chatting apps which consume lot of storage space. Whenever you have free time just try to Hunt and Delete.


10. Migrate videos/ movies

Movies and videos are mostly one-time watch things on iPhone. If it is not important to keep these videos or movies in your device, you can migrate them to WiFi external drives or use Google Drive/ Dropbox/Skybox to migrate these. Alternatively, you can delete them as well, if not required anymore.



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